Empower, Inspire, Create

This is our Story

Space, when utilized correctly, is a delight! The vision of WABA is to bring joy into the learning environment through the positive utilization of space.

Empower: We believe that children develop healthy self-esteem with a confident teacher/parent. Our empowerment strategy supports teachers/parents to become confident, bringing out constructive social behaviors through learning spaces. 

Inspire: Your environment influences your mindset.” Robin Sharma With this in mind, WABA inspires children by placing them in environments customized for their height for ease of activities, creating independence, and extending attention span.

Create: We design & manufacture functional, trendy furniture and offers bespoke design layouts to support learner creativity. 

WABA Furniture and Classroom Designs 

Cluttered classrooms with no sense of order distract teachers and students. With practical furniture and unique classroom designs, teachers engage children with far-reaching influences on child development.

Furniture Pieces for Early Learning Reducing chaos in early learning settings & supports focus and attention. Our furniture is manufactured and assembled in South Africa using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art machinery for superb products that meet international standards.

Our designs are modular, modern, and mobile, offering flexibility to change layouts for activities.

Expert Classroom Design Layouts

Teachers find that professionally customized classroom layouts reduce their stress while increasing the focus and achievement of students.

Early learning should encourage children’s development through creativity, discovery, and socialization. The classroom design needs to provide an enriching environment for children to learn, explore and experiment for themselves. Since young children absorb their environment as they interact with it, the early learning classroom must evolve to support the environmental needs. WABA’s classroom designs allow for flexibility, circulation, and the positive teaching and learning environment missing in so many schools.

Our Vision at WABA

Classroom and furniture design are not just a job here at WABA. Our mission is to support children, teachers, and parents with superb furniture and classroom designs.

We understand how the environment impacts learning, so we consulted various experts with many educational backgrounds and visited a vast number of schools around the world. That expertise forms the foundation of our principles.